The hidden Island on Lake Victoria: Ssese Island

Ssese Island is situated northwest of Lake Victoria – it is one of the most liked Islands in Uganda on addition to Ngamba, Kalangala, Kigungu and so on.

The Isaland is situated 55km from Entebbe; these are one of Uganda’s greatest natural gifts waiting for you to be discovered. Guests are required to bring with them bird watching and fishing gears. The most famous and recommended tours and historical places of interest in Ssese include Nsirwe Island, famous for both bird and spider breeding.

Bugaba Island, the birth and home place of the African Grey parrots .It also hosts a living sample of a true African virgin Equatorial forest. Bubembe and Funve Islands, and Serinya, Banda and Kitobo Islands.

Boats, ferries and vehicles are available to take you between and around the 84 islands, these are fully equipped with life jackets, sun canopies.

For those tourists who wish to enjoy the country side, travel arrangements can be made by road from Kampala to Masaka Town (Nyendo) crossing with the Bukakata/ Luku Ferry to Bugoma. One hour drive gets you to Kalangala the home of Islands.

Things to do at Ssese Island

Activities to be enjoyed in ssese include Sit & chill, Sport fishing, bird watching, monkey and marine life viewing, are all activities and discoveries, one can make. It should be noted that Ssese Island can be visited in dry seasons unlike in rainy seasons especially April – May and September – November.