Nyiragongo Mountain In Democratic Republic Of Congo

Mt. Nyiragongo is one of the most tourist attractions the country has. It is easily reached from Goma city – 20 kilometers. Nyiragongo is an active Volcano and shows signs of future eruption – this is evidenced by smoke / fume seen coming out of it. If you visit Goma City at night, you can easily view red fume coming out of Mt. Nyiragongo.


Mountain Nyiragongo is situated in Virunga National park – and among the highest with an elevation of 3470 metres or 11382 ft. Since 1882, it has erupted at least 34 times, including many periods where activity was continuous for years at a time, often in the form of a churning lava lake in the crater.

Nyiragongo is one of eight volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains – Nyiragongo features the world’s largest lava lake. The volcano’s forested lower slopes are home to a variety of animals, such as Bush back and chimps. The summit Rim of Nyiragongo is largely devoid of vegetation. From the rim, visitors can peer down into a churning lava lake and see and hear hot gases exploding up though a mosaic of molten lava. Nyiragongo eruption is predictable and thus safe for visitors.


In the 2002 eruption, some of Nyiragongo’s lava flows were clocked at 100 km/hr (62 mph) and reached all the way to Lake Kivu. People’s properties were destroyed including houses, Gardens, businesses, and above all loss of human life. During that era, DRC was under the rebel government and No alert was given to people – that accounts for the large number of people who lost their lives. Today, if you visit Goma city, you can witness the granite stones left after solidification of Magma however; such stones are used in constructional works.

Nyiragongo hiking costs range from $ 25.00 to US$ 330 – the costs inclusive of permit and accommodation. Some jokers compare the top of Mt. Nyiragongo to hell.

What to carry for on Hike Nyiragongo safari:

All Rwanda safari companies organize expeditions to Nyiragongo mountain simply because the destination is accessed through Rwanda. Also there is a chance to combine gorilla tracking in Rwanda with Mt. Nyiragongo hiking in DR Congo. Trekkers are required to bring full rain and cold weather gear (sweater or fleece, moisture-wicking base layer, rain resistant pants, Jacket, long underwear, hat, warm socks, and a 0°C/32° – rated sleeping bag). Accommodation in tent – the Mt. Nyiragongo hiking from bottom to top and back requires 4 days.

Below is the brief itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival at Kigali and transfer to Congo.

Day 02: Hike the Nyiragongo for an overnight.

Day 03: Transfer back to Goma – later to Gisenyi.

Day 04: Gisenyi – transfer to Kigali and Departure.

Activities: Mt. Nyiragongo hiking, Goma city tour, Kigali city tour including the Genocide Memorial centre.

Advantages of Mountain Nyiragongo to the economic development of DRC

It is one of the most tourist attractions the country has.

It is a practical specimen for study purposes – an active volcano in Congo

The mountain generates rain fall – relief rain fall is received on wind word side of the mountain.

It generates revenue to the country through tourism – Hiking is the major activity.

Pull factor for the investors – the number of investors in Congo due to the availability of Nyiragongo Mountain.

It has boosted infrastructural development – roads, Lodges, Hotels, schools among others. Part of revenue is used to develop the country.

It has facilitated employment opportunities to the citizens – rangers guides, porters, among others.