Rwenzori National Park is bisected by the Uganda-Congo border which passes through Mt. Stanley the highest peak. The Ugandan Rwenzori is protected by the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and, in Congo by the Virunga National Park. The park can be explored along a 7-day trail that meanders along the Mobuku and Bujuku valleys beneath the highest peaks. Though distances are short,Mt. Rwenzori National Park - Uganda the terrain, altitude and weather combine to create a tough trek, the difficulty of which should not be underestimated.

They are sometimes referred to as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. Rwenzori Mountains National Park was proclaimed a World Heritage Site to protect the natural beauty, flora and fauna of the area. The Rwenzori are a true mountain range created by up lift of the earth crust through tectonic movement and are not as a result of volcanic activity. The range is 120 km in length and 48 km in width. The mountains are frequently shrouded in mist and cloud with the peaks rarely being visible from far. Avoid the rain seasons at all costs. The Rwenzori is one of the main watersheds of the Nile receiving rain throughout the year but exceptional amounts from March through till June and September through December.

Activities in the Park:

Mountain climbing:
At the center of the range, there are six peaks carrying permanent snow, three with glaciers. The highest of these peaks, and the third highest peak in Africa, is Mt. Margherita rising 5102 meter above sea level.

Getting to the park:
The Park is 25 km from Kasese. Leave Kasese in the direction of Fort Portal and take a left turn after 4 km. The junction is signposted with a large yellow Rwenzori Mountains National Park sign. The route to Ibanda is 15 km along a rough track; Ibanda is the HQ for the national park and trail head, Vehicles could be left here for the period of the trek. For those leaving vehicles in Kasese (Margarita Hotel) or if traveling by public means a special hire vehicle is the most sensible option to get up to Ibanda where transport is very infrequent.