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Ssemagulu Royal Museum-Preserving Uganda’s Culture and History

Ssemagulu Royal Museum-Preserving Uganda’s Culture and History If you are planning to visit Uganda for a vacation this coming season, expect to explore more than just wildlife. This landlocked country also boasts of its distinct historical and cultural sites which are widely distributed…


New Travel Experience In Kisoro

In the south western part is where Kisoro district is situated right at the border of Uganda and Rwanda. It is with no doubt that this district is one of blessed districts endowed with real natural beauty. For anyone who has visited Kisoro…


The Interesting Bakiga Culture in Uganda

The Bakiga are one of the numerous tribes you will encounter during your safari in western Uganda and are found within the Kigezi sub-region originally covering areas of Kabale, Kinkizi and Rukungiri district as well as several counties including Rubanda, Ndorwa and Rukiga.…