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Rock Of Kamageri In Rwanda

Rwanda is a famous destination when it comes to offering remarkable travel adventures. The most vibrant activities that Rwanda offers to travelers include; gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, volcano climbing, bird watching, golden monkey trekking, canopy walk, genocide / historical tours and the cultural…


New Travel Experience In Kisoro

In the south western part is where Kisoro district is situated right at the border of Uganda and Rwanda. It is with no doubt that this district is one of blessed districts endowed with real natural beauty. For anyone who has visited Kisoro…


23 Baby Gorillas Named In Rwanda

With over 1004 mountain gorillas that still exist one earth, incredibly, this is the most significant achievement that so far has been registered in gorilla and nature conservation unlike in 1981 where their population dropped drastically up to 242. As a way to…


6 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in East Africa

While majority head to the national parks to see wildlife or mainly to relax, chill in beaches on other hand, you will need to discover something rare from the usual and a visit to East Africa is the best answer for this. Where…