Uganda’s New Gorilla Tracking Fees 2024

In a recent development, Uganda has adjusted its gorilla trekking permit fees, increasing them from $700 to $800. This change, effective from July 1, 2024, coincides with the commencement of the new Uganda financial year. This blog post aims to provide you with essential information about this update and explore the implications for gorilla enthusiasts and conservation efforts.

Fee Increase Details

The gorilla trekking permit fee has been raised to $800, applicable to tracking dates starting July 1, 2024.

Those who had deposited but not paid the full amount based on the old price will need to top up to meet the new rate. Only those who paid the full fee at the old price are exempt from the increase.

Financial Impact on Conservation and Local Communities

The fee hike is earmarked for the conservation of gorillas and their habitats.

A portion of the gorilla trekking permit revenue is allocated to local communities near gorilla parks, funding projects such as schools, hospitals, and income-generating initiatives.

Revision Frequency

The gorilla trekking permit price is revised every two years. The new rate of $800 is applicable from July 2024 to June 2026.

Strategic Booking Opportunity

Highlight the opportunity to take advantage of the current lower price by booking before July 2024, saving $100 that can be utilized for accommodation or other aspects of the trip.

Comparative Affordability

Emphasize that despite the increase, Uganda’s gorilla tour remains more affordable than its Rwandan counterpart, where the gorilla trekking permit costs $1500.

Additional Gorilla Families

Inform readers about the positive news of five new habituated gorilla families added for tracking, bringing the total to over 20 in Uganda.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority’s announcement increases the availability of permits, improving the chances of tracking gorillas, even for last-minute bookings.

In conclusion, while the increase in gorilla trekking permit fees may seem significant, the positive aspects include enhanced conservation efforts, community support, and increased opportunities for gorilla trekking in Uganda. Whether you’re planning to visit before the fee changes or take advantage of the expanded gorilla family options, Uganda continues to offer an enriching and comparatively affordable gorilla tour experience.