6 Most Spectacular Waterfalls in East Africa

While the majority head to the national parks to see wildlife or mainly to relax, and chill on beaches on other hand, you will need to discover something rare from the usual and a visit to East Africa is the best answer for this.

Where else on earth can you find powerful and stunning waterfalls if not this region? East Africa boasts of its unique and picturesque waterfalls which mark territorial borders and serve as ideal breeding grounds for most of the incredible wildlife species. Usually, most tourists on safari to Africa are left to think that, it is only Venezuela’s Angel Falls or South Africa’s earth-moving augrabies are the only natural wonders to explore but for keen adventure enthusiasts, East Africa is one amazing region to explore the fact that it features several waterfalls that are worth exploring. They include among others;

The Kalambo falls

Tanzania the land of endless plains doesn’t only boast of its countless wildlife but also for its unique and powerful waterfalls. The one special waterfall to explore in this beautiful is Kalambo falls that marks the southeastern border area between Zambia and Tanzania just near Lake Tanganyika. This is the 2nd highest fall in Africa after Tugela falls in South Africa. It powerfully flows and pours its water into Lake Tanganyika. The site around this natural wonder is endowed with many archaeological sites and famous breeding site for unique avifaunal species.

Fourteen falls

This is another remarkable landmark that you need to consider a must to explore. It boasts of its rare roar and due to its strategic location, it rewards travel endeavors with breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. This waterfall is 27 meters deep and it comes with appealing views.

Sanje falls

Sanje waterfalls lies in the middle of Udzungwa Mountains in Eastern Tanzania. The mountains make up part of the old ranges of the Eastern Arc and comes with rare bio diversity which include among others unique birdlife, floral and faunal species, primates a mention but a few. It plunges down the rocky cliff to make an ice cold natural pool of 550 meters which add on the beauty of Udzungwa protected area. This fall features some primates like the white, red and blue monkeys as well as several bird species for you to sight.

Murchison falls

This is also popular as Kabalega falls and it is a stunning feature on the mighty River Nile. Its scenic beauty is incredible and it is one of the landmarks that make Murchison Falls National Park one of the most sought after destinations for fantastic wildlife tours in Uganda. You can views it while on boat cruise along the Nile or take a hike to the top of the Nile and while here, you will be amazed by its powerful roar as it squeezes itself into a narrow gorge.

Thomson falls

This waterfall derived its name from the Scottish geologist and naturalist Joseph Thomson in 1883. It plunges down a gorge at 72 meters on River Ewaso Narok just close at the Equator thus making it the highest in East Africa, straddling at an elevation of 2360 meters. It can be spotted from a viewpoint above or you simply take a walk down the ravine to the floor.

Sipi falls

This comprises 3 (the three) most spectacular waterfalls and they are all situated on the slopes of Mount Elgon. For those of you who are planning to visit Mount Elgon National Park, this is one of the natural wonders for you to explore. The 3 falls are divided by the wild mountainous terrain that plunges down boulders of rocks in a jet, thus making stunning natural pools prior to joining most of the Rivers and streams.

Each of them features caves that equally are worth exploring while you are on safari in Uganda. Besides, as you drive you will catch a glimpse at the stunning coffee farms and then embark on a thrilling abseiling adventure at Sipi Falls. It also comes with numerous wildlife and avifaunal species thus making it one of the most visited tourist sites.

In conclusion, besides enjoying incredible wildlife species in East Africa, there are also so many breathtaking waterfalls for you to explore in this region which all add to your unforgettable experience.