Why Land Cruiser for Self-Drive Trip

Uganda is one of those countries where traveling would get more fun with a private car, with all the flexibility, and convenience, and not with any pressure from the tour guides’ fixed itineraries. Whether a self-driven safari or a chauffeur-driven trip, a Uganda safari begins with an appropriate comfortable vehicle that suits the desires of the trip.

Fortunately, Uganda has an endless list of car rental companies that offer extremely amazing services that travelers usually never regret. The fleet is so wide from the land cruisers, saloon cars, super customs, minibusses, coasters, and so many others.

Now the problem comes with selecting the right car for the desired purposes. Most travelers could even choose a saloon car when going for a gorilla safari in Bwindi’s impenetrable forest national park because it is cheaper. Choosing the most appropriate vehicle for a self-drive is somewhat daunting especially to first-time travelers, however, in any case, here are the reasons why one should choose a land cruiser.

A land cruiser is a product of the Japanese car manufacturing company and it’s a four-wheel drive vehicle. It is a perfect vehicle for almost all purposes, be it a city drive or a safari to the countryside. Its strong engine, speed transmission, and tough suspensions simply make it worth exploring all parts of the country.

Land cruisers are a series of four-wheel drive vehicles including the Prado LX, TX, Tz, VX, Land cruiser hardtop extended and so many others. It is one kind of car that guarantees safety on the trip through the rough terrain of Uganda, particularly in the hills of western Uganda.

  • The comfort

Enjoy a self-drive in Uganda in one of the vehicles that exceptionally feature great comfort. Spacious seats give passengers great legroom throughout their journey. A vehicle that can protect you from dusty roads as it has instant air conditioners. A land cruiser is one vehicle you can never go wrong with a comfortable ride in Uganda, even when traveling with kids, the seats are still enough. Don’t hesitate to book a land cruiser on your safari in Uganda.

  • Exceptional performance

The strong engine, speed transmission, and full-bodied suspensions make land cruisers capable of driving through all the rough corners of the country. Being able to switch the 4WD when you need it and also turn it off when not needed enables the land cruisers to even play a more important role on the road than any other car. All skilled drivers in Uganda would opt for land cruisers if they really know what they are doing.

  • The stylish interior

The interior of a land cruiser is one that fits all categories of travelers, whether businesses, archaeologists, priests, tourists, or newlyweds. The spontaneous dashboard, eye-catching seats, a radio system with a flash player and CD player plus so many other accessories are all luxuries that a traveler would love to have in a car, and all these in just one vehicle; the land cruiser.

  • Off-Road Capacity

Also, the off-road capability is another reason why travelers should choose land cruisers for self-drive safaris in Uganda. Uganda is the pearl of Africa and has vast ever changing landscapes, so vehicles with multi-terrain engines are the greatest choice for self-drive in Uganda. Land cruisers handle all terrains regardless of the weather and this is why they still remain the best cars to hire for any purpose.

While on a trip in Uganda, and stuck on which vehicle to hire, a land cruiser would be a perfect choice for the best self-rides in Uganda.