A Day With Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country full of biodiversity but what beats the odds are the mountain gorillas in their natural setting. Rwanda is one of those few countries in the world where a tourist can watch the amazing gorillas in their natural setting. The gorillas in Rwanda are one of the reasons as to why Rwanda has been mapped on a globe as one of the most exciting tourism destination. Scores of travelers fly to Rwanda to meet these incredible huge beasts.

Rwanda has a third of the world’s population of mountain gorillas that is 320 out of the 900 mountain gorillas. mountain gorillas are endangered species of animals implying that these animals if not conserved and preserved in their habitats, they will get extinct in the forthcoming generations yet we need them in the ecosystem and also for research purpose in order to make world a better place for all humans.

Rwanda is one of those few countries fighting tooth and nail to conserve and preserve these amazing primates in their natural setting. The mountain gorillas in Rwanda are protected in volcanoes national park at the Virunga ranges situated in the northeast of Rwanda. The government in Rwanda development boards and the private sector the tour operators organize gorilla safari trip to several people wishing to visit the gorillas and appreciate their existence. Visiting these gorillas at their habitats is one of conserving them as the money a traveler pays for the gorilla permit some of it is used to implement the conservation and preservation efforts.

Spend time with the gorillas in Rwanda is not just about the conservation effort, it goes beyond that for the visitors. Gorilla trekking experience is such an exhilarating moment for everyone who has done. Many of the people who have seen these huge primates have been left mesmerized and some of them have come for second time to spend time with the gorillas. Gorillas are very interesting animals to watch in their natural environment. These primates are very intelligent in the way they behave socially. They have a well organize family tree where by respect and duties with in the family is accorded in a pecking order. The alpha male the silverback is the ultimate head of the family and every activity rotates around him. These animals also have the ability to use tools like sticks and stones for shelter and also to gather food.

The real gorilla trekking activity involves walking through the hilly montane forest of volcanoes national park in search of the gorillas. It takes the trackers some good hours to find the gorillas since they are nomadic animals that keep moving from one place to another looking for food and shelter. However, the long walk is worthy when the trackers meet the gorillas. These are always found in a group of 08-20 gorillas as a family. The trackers watch the gorillas forage, play and also relate amongst each other as they use their intelligent communication skills. The trackers also take photos of these huge primates. Hanging out with the gorillas in their natural environment makes one come close to nature as these animals are very adorable, peaceful and interesting to watch.

There are always affordable gorilla safari packages being offered by local tour operators in Rwanda to travelers wishing to spend some quality time with the gorillas. These tour packages cover the gorilla permits, private transport in a comfortable 4×4 safari jeep, full time English speaking driver / tour guide, accommodation fees, enroute meals and other tour activities that might be in the itinerary. So anyone interested in spending time with the gorillas in Rwanda, just get to your laptop and look for your best gorilla tour package to enjoy this holiday.